Great Start to a Great Year!

We are off and running here at Ardmore High School for the 2016-2017 school year!  In my four years here at Ardmore, I’m pretty sure that this has been the smoothest start of a new school year that we’ve had in the middle school!  I have enjoyed seeing my kids in the hallways again and hearing about their summers!  My 6th graders are thriving in a new environment and have adjusted quite well to the demands of middle school.  We still have some work to do on going to our lockers, but overall I cannot brag enough about how well everyone is doing!

The purpose of this blog is to keep you informed.  The middle school counseling program at Ardmore is a bundle of busyness, chaos, and everything else that comes along with this age group.  I am constantly changing my approach and adjusting my guidance lessons to the ever changing needs of your middle school student. I will be posting here about what is going on in our guidance department.  So check back here often to see what we’ve been up to!  You might even catch a glimpse of your child!

In 6th grade this year, I will be spending all year speaking with your children on how to be successful in middle school.  I will be using a curriculum entitled, “Operation Breaking the Middle School Code”.  We will be learning about organization, study skills, note-taking skills, getting along with others, and many other essential skills that they will need to be successful!  These are real life skills that will benefit them outside of classroom as well!  Let me introduce you to some of our 6th graders this year…Meet Jonathan, Carter, Hunter, and Jason!


In 7th grade this year, not only will we be building on the skills 6th grade is learning, we will be learning about habits that help us be successful.  We will be talking about our mindset and how what we say to ourselves matters and how it effects our personal growth.  Of course, 7th grade is a what I like to call a “whacky” year!  During this time, your child’s brain is changing and so are their personalities!   (Can I get an Amen?)  I am sure somewhere along our path this year I will insert more classroom guidance or start small groups with students who self harm, need help with self image, or are just having a hard time adjusting to all the change going on with them!  We have a great group of 7th graders here at Ardmore!  Meet some of them now!  Here are Lacey, Bryn, Paris, Emily, and Makenzi!


We will spend 8th grade getting ready for high school!  There will be a lot of talking about goals, preparing for college, tech school, careers, and making decisions.  Of course, 8th graders are still growing and changing as well, so I will still be covering many of the emotional areas that come along with being in 8th grade.  8th grade is also a good time to fine tune those academic skills before high school as well!  Math, Science, and English could use a little more study time!  Let’s meet some of our “Senior” Middle School students!  Say hello to Jackson, Abby, Brittany, Cason, Evan, and Carter!  Also, they informed me PE is NOT a great time to take a picture of them.  I’ll make a mental guys.


So welcome to the Ardmore Middle School Blog!  Check back here for what’s going on in middle school and other important information!

Mrs. Betterton